Salon of the Scathed

a think tank

a collaboration

an art project

a family

an idea

a group of lovely beings helping me try to answer questions about impermanence and what it means to give up a ghost. what is the nature of consciousness? and how do we navigate abstract ideas when the loss is more tangible?

how does this change community?

is love all there is?

how much do i really have to care that i might die soon?

is disease a bad thing?

is dying a bad thing?

is it possible to die without being afraid. (less afraid?)

can we free ourselves from the tyranny of superstition?

what does art do?

what consolation is a community?

do we die alone?

A) because none of us get out unscathed. and 2) because i am a natural collaborator.

and i am facing my own danged demise and i thought the best thing ever would be to have the brainiest and most interesting people come help me figure it out.

the idea is that there is this rare opportunity to talk about mortality. to talk about the whole beautiful and powerful and joyful and terrifying mess.