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Excellent lovely people, i am, or would like to call myself a documentarian. a noticer of things interesting, an asker of questions. I realize that many of you have found yourselves the subject of my scrutiny in the past and …

15th June 2008 No Comments

piece by piece

i am no longer feeling terror. which is such a relief.
what i feel mostly is a great deal of wonder. suddenly this amazing organic community of people that i love; that i have always known and relished; has bloomed. like some 20 year perennial. here, suddenly is a graceful flower of such remarkable visual force. such heart-stopping beauty.

8th June 2008 No Comments

Some moments last longer than others

my friends. ABSTRACTION: there is before and there is after. and then there is the chance that it is all a big mistake and then there is again. again after that. That. a still and condensed moment when i was …

2nd June 2008 No Comments